Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Natural alternative carpet cleaning with herbs

If you’re trying to phase out your regular cleaning chemicals to more natural solutions, there are several herbs that can help. We frequently use harsh cleaning chemical for household cleaning. This can be harmful to your health and the environment. Switching to eco-friendly herbs can be beneficial.

Lavender is a common herb that has soothing properties. This herb also acts as a disinfectant and deodorizer. Mixing ten drops of lavender with baking soda can make a refreshing carpet powder.  A fine layer of powder should be applied to carpets after vacuuming about once a week.

If you are worried about the presence of fungus in your home, clove herbs can help the situation. Not only do cloves have antifungal properties they are also a green choice for combating mould. If your carpet has mould spraying the area with a clove solution can hinder mould growth.

Your carpets should be steam cleaned annually. This gives your carpets a deep clean and gets rid of possible mould and bacteria. Eco-friendly steam cleaning is available for carpets. This green steam cleaning uses a natural cleaning solution that is pH balanced and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Toronto carpet cleaning gives nourishment to carpet fibers as well. As a result the carpet material won’t dry out and become brittle. Your carpet will be protected and its lifetime will be extended with steam cleaning. Toronto steam cleaning can handle all your carpet cleaning needs. Get Toronto carpet steam cleaning today and experience the quality of steam cleaning.

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