Sunday, 30 April 2017

The carpet cleaning angle

Professional service makes all the difference when it comes to carpet cleaning. There are significant details with carpet cleaning that expert carpet cleaners use. One of these small things is the type of carpet cleaning wand pieces used for cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean materials. In the first step of the process pressurized hot water and cleaning solution is sprayed onto the material. This lifts dirt from deep within the material.

 In the next step of the carpet cleaning process the cleaning water is extracted. This is done with a powerful vacuum hose. Essentially this process removes moisture from the material and allows it to dry quickly. This allows the item to dry within a few hours.

The wand type used during carpet cleaning is determined by the item being cleaned. Carpets, stairs, upholstered furniture and mattresses require different wands. For instance, couches require wand pieces that can reach in crevices and move around the curve surfaces. Stairs require wand pieces that can reach narrow spaces.

Wand pieces also come in either clear plastic or metallic material. The clear wand piece allows the dirt level to be monitored while carpet cleaning. During other carpet cleaning services this monitoring isn’t required and the wand piece can be metallic.

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