Monday, 13 March 2017

Carpet care tips for pets

When you have a pet more care needs to go into your carpet cleaning. Young puppies and small dogs have a habit of peeing on the carpet. This makes it important to have a rubber under pad between the floor and the carpet. Wood floors would absorb the pet pee overtime. Marble floors can get damaged and discoloured because of the acidity of pet pee.

If you have ceramic or porcelain tiles the rubber under-pad isn’t necessary. These tiles are resistant to damage from pet urine. Another concern about pets is that they shed a lot of fur and pet dander overtime.

It’s suggested that you get thin synthetic carpet at your place when you have pets. Carpet should be in muted brown colours to avoid showing any pet stains. Thick carpets such as shag carpet aren’t suggested because they trap pet fur and it is often difficult to get out. Wool carpets get stained easily as well.

Thick pile carpets are difficult to vacuum and remove all the fur that has settled in the pile. Sisal carpet isn’t suggested because the carpet material shrinks with moisture. It is also expensive and difficult to fix after damage has occurred to the carpet.

Another suggested is to place heavy entrance mats with a rubber base at your entrances. This is a common area for your pet to pee when they can’t make it outside in time. Entrance mats also guard against dirt from muddy paws and will help keep the rest of the place clean.

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