Monday, 20 March 2017

The carpets formerly owned by Prince

With his well known success with the popular song Purple Rain, it’s no wonder Prince chose to have his carpets the colour purple. In fact his carpet colours were fabricated in different shades of the colour purple. This includes area carpet, shag carpet and even entrance rugs.

There are many benefits from choosing to have your carpets and rugs coloured purple. Aside from being a rich colour, purple can disguise and make most stains less obvious. Black and navy blue carpets can’t do this as effectively. Purple carpets can hide can make light and dark stains less evident.

Purple has interesting psychological features to it. The colour purple can’t be used to represent something common or average. It’s frequently used to express creativity. Historically it can be used to represent richness and it was a colour commonly worn by royalty.

Carpets need to be steam cleaned at least once a year. In the course of a year carpets and other furniture acquire dust and dirt from regular use. Steam clean is the only thorough method available to clean carpets and furniture.

Steam cleaning uses a pressurized hot water extraction method to clean items. In the first stage, pressurized hot water and cleaning solution is applied to the carpet. This method lifts and removes dirt and other particles that have become trapped at the base of the material.

In the next stage the dirty water is removed with a vacuum in order to leave minimal moisture in the material. Toronto carpet cleaning is a quick and effective cleaning method for household cleaning. Whether it’s for purple carpets or furniture, steam cleaning gets the job done right.  

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