Thursday, 23 March 2017

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning

With earth hour coming up in March it’s important to know how we can use eco-friendly cleaning options for daily activities. Our energy consumption is one component of reducing a carbon foot print. How we manage cleaning chemicals is another.

There are home-made co-friendly cleaning products for carpets. One of these simple ingredients is baking soda. People frequently use baking soda to absorb liquid spills on carpets. Baking soda also helps deodorize carpets and comes in handy if the carpet has been exposed to flood damage.

Carpet steam cleaners often have eco-friendly cleaning products available. These carpet cleaning products don’t use harsh chemicals and are pH balanced. Since this product is natural it doesn’t have a long shelf life and steam cleaners need an advanced notice if you require eco-friendly cleaning.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning can be applied to carpets, furniture, mattresses and much more. This type of cleaning improves the quality of your living environment. This way you aren’t being exposed to harsh chemicals in your home. Eco-friendly steam cleaning is helps protect the environment.

Toronto steam cleaners have all your carpet cleaning needs covered. The steam cleaning method, aside from using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, uses pressurized hot water to lift and remove dirt trapped at the base of the carpet. The hot boiling water helps disinfect material as well.

Toronto steam cleaning services often have flexible hours. This way steam cleaners can fit your busy work schedule or clean after regular business hours. For best results for yourself and the environment, eco-friendly steam cleaning is suggested. Get Toronto steam cleaning today.

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