Monday, 20 March 2017

Steam cleaning after your social event

Social events are great for commemorating events or just spending time with friends and family. Most events involve food especially if you are hosting them at your home. During these social events food stains and other accidents can happen to your carpets.

Dry food is easier to manage when it falls on your carpet. Larger pieces can simply be picked up and thrown out. However, this food also produces crumbs and powdery material. Dry food can be managed by simply vacuuming your carpet after the event. This prevents food particles from settling at the base of your carpet.

Liquid food spills from drinks, sauces and other foods are handled in much the same way. The liquid spill should be dabbed at with paper towel. Be careful not to blot the stain too much because it can cause it to spread on to other sections of the carpet. The carpet stains should be allowed to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can use baking powder on the spill.

Once the carpet stains are dry, you should get your carpet steam cleaned. Your carpet should be steam cleaned once a year. However, steam cleaning can be used to address specific stains as well. This comes in handy especially if your carpet has recently been cleaned.

There are Toronto carpet cleaning services available to help you with all your carpet steam cleaning needs. When it comes to food related stains on your carpet there are special things to consider. Food spills can attract unwanted pests, bacteria and mould to your carpet. The steam cleaning process can prevent these unwanted pests from settling in your carpet.  

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