Monday, 20 March 2017

The steam cleaning advantage for your carpet

Steam cleaning should be the first choice for carpet cleaning. The steam cleaning is advantageous over other carpet cleaning methods. Professional carpet cleaning gives an incomparable cleaning job for many key reasons.

Essentially steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean carpet. In the first stage, your carpet is sprayed with hot pressurized water and cleaning solution. This lifts and removes dirt trapped deep within the carpet material. In the next stage, the cleaning water is extracted using a powerful vacuum hose.

Professional steam cleaning provides quality cleaning for carpets. Store bought steam cleaning equipment doesn’t have the same features or quality. For instance, store bought machines can’t get high water temperature for cleaning. They are limited to the temperature of tap water or have to use cold water while cleaning.

In addition to this, store steam cleaning machines can’t achieve high water pressure for carpet cleaning. Therefore a lot of dirt can’t be removed and remains in the carpet. Store bought equipment don’t have a powerful vacuum to remove water from the carpet.

Water removal is essential. If the water can’t be removed it can damage the carpet in several ways. The carpet can be damaged with excess water because it can cause the carpet dye to bleed. Soaked carpet won’t dry fast and can potentially attract mould, bacteria and fungus.

Toronto carpet cleaning services can handle all your carpet cleaning needs. Professional carpet steam cleaning leaves minimal moisture in your carpet so it dries fast and efficiently. Steam cleaning services have flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. Get your carpets steam cleaned today.

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