Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Condo Steam Cleaning

The Toronto condo market is booming and new buyers are looking to move in. Whether you’ve bought a condo or are looking for new condo customers steam cleaning is a great idea. Steam cleaning effectively clean carpet and reduce foreign particles.

During construction and furnishing there is a lot of dust and debris that can settle into new carpet. Workers installing carpet and working on the condo unit won’t be taking off shoes and will be carrying dirt particle into the carpet. In addition new carpet material is exposed to different dirt particles at the store, during travel and when in storage.

At most condo carpets will get vacuumed but there is still dust and debris trapped at the base. Professional condo carpet cleaning is the only way to properly clean your carpets. Many new condo tenants should make carpet steam cleaning their first priority before they move in.

Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to give carpets and furniture a deep clean. In the first step for steam cleaning, the carpets or other material is sprayed with pressurized hot water and cleaning solution. This lifts and removed dirt trapped at the base of the carpet.

In the next step the water is removed with a powerful vacuum hose. This leaves minimal moisture in the carpet and allows it to dry fast and efficiently. Toronto steam cleaning has eco-friendly carpet cleaning services without the use of harsh chemicals. Toronto steam cleaning has carpet cleaning experts who can handle all your carpet cleaning needs.      

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