Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Carpet textures

The texture of your rug can have many different benefits and appeals. It can be used to incorporate designs in your rug that can be simple or complex. These rugs are great for dressing up a space or just adding a bit of style to the room. The designs are achieved directly from the rug pile.

A traditional rug has evenly cut pile that is facing in the same direction. Style can be created by having pile facing different directions into a specific pattern. Pile of different lengths can also be arranged in a pattern to crate texture and creative designs.

Another frequently seen pile concept if to have pile fibers that are uncut and arranged in loops. The loops can vary in length and can be long or short. With shorter loops the carpet texture will have a “curly” appearance. Carpets with shorter loops are more compact and will wear better overtime.

Different textured rugs will sometimes require special cleaning care. Rugs with long loop texture shouldn’t not be vacuumed using a brush roll setting. The brush can snag the pile loops and can cause unraveling. It is difficult to repair and can cause noticeable rug thinning.

Rugs and carpets would be cleaned once a year by a professional steam carpet cleaning service in Toronto. The GTA and Toronto have several reputable steam cleaning services available. Steam cleaning can treat rugs of all types of pile. This treatment extracts dirt that has accumulated at the base of your rug or carpet. As a result the rug and carpet fiber will be cleaner and brighter.    

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