Friday, 27 January 2017

Carpet Cleaning and Flood damage

Floods can happen at any time and you need to act quickly to prevent lasting damage to your carpet. Once the flood source is stopped and most of the water is dealt with you can concentrate on saving your carpet.

Your carpets need immediate care. Toronto has steam cleaning services that offer flood care for your carpets. The first step is to remove the flood water from the carpet. Steam cleaning achieves this with a powerful vacuum hose. The area needs to be dehumidified and have adequate air circulation to prevent mould growth.

There may be issues with carpet under pads as well. Thick absorbent under pads can take in excess amounts of flood water. It may not be possible to completely remove all the moisture from the under pad. In certain situations it may be more practical to keep the carpet and replace the under pad.

After the moisture is dealt with the carpet needs to dry completely. After this occurs the carpet is ready to be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning will remove the dirt and smells caused by the flood water. Then the carpet needs to dry once more.

If mould growth occurs it may be steam cleaned depending on the amount. Small sections of the carpet can be cleaned of mould growth. However, if the mould area is large and has spread underneath the carpet, the best option is to replace it. Mould needs to be dealt with because it can affect your health.  

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