Friday, 27 January 2017

The Steam Cleaning Process

Many people know the benefits of steam cleaning but are unaware of what actually happens during the process. The method is straight forward and can help you understand how carpet steam cleaning extracts dirt and gets your carpets clean.

You will get better cleaning for your carpets with steam cleaning than with regular rental machinery. This is because of subtle yet effective differences. Steam cleaning machinery heats water to its boiling point. The water is mixed with cleaning solution and is pressurized. The pressurized water is then sprayed onto your carpet using a hose. A second hose removes the dirty water from your carpet.

The pressurized water hot water removes dirt that is trapped deep down at the base of your rug. The process lives minimal water left in your carpet so that it will dry fast. Regular equipment will use the warmest available water from the sink. These machines also tend to clean by soaking your carpet. This can cause bleeding or fading of carpet materials.

Additionally, if your rug doesn’t dry for a long period of time mold growth can occur. This unwanted result can be damaging to your health. Regular equipment only cleans the surface of your carpet and leaves most of the dirt still trapped at the carpet base.

For best result of finding the right carpet cleaner in Toronto, look at reviews or get recommendations for friends who have used the service. Also it’s fast and easy to call up a carpet cleaning company. They will be able to explain the cleaning process and can take up any concerns or questions that you have.  

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