Sunday, 29 January 2017

The land down under: why cleaning under furniture and desk chair mats is important

During regular carpet cleaning, areas under furniture are often forgotten. Sections under desk chairs and office furniture are also commonly forgotten. If these areas aren’t clean several unwanted complications can occur that can be unsightly and hazardous.

To prevent discoloration, the carpet should be vacuumed weekly. This removes dirt and dust that has settled in the carpet during the week and will prevent shading. Periodically it is important to move furniture and vacuum underneath it as well as under and desk mats. If the furniture is too heavy to move, vacuum with a wand piece to reach under hard to get areas.

It is important to occasionally lift up desk chair mats. Over time the carpet can flatten from mechanical pressure. Removing the mat will allow the pile to regain its shape and allow the material to breathe. This will also prevent dust mites. If it’s possible, furniture should be rotated occasionally to allow the carpet to retain its shape.

Carpet steam cleaning is an efficient cleaning service for carpet. Toronto has expert carpet steam cleaning services for annual carpet cleaning. This method uses pressurized hot water extraction to lift dirt out from the base of your carpet.

The second part of the process is removing dirty cleaning water from the carpet. This removes excess moisture from the carpet material and allows the carpet to dry fast. Lastly, the carpet pile is set in the original direction of the pile. This allows the drying process to occur fast.

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