Friday, 27 January 2017

Protecting you rug while painting

You don’t want to ruin your carpet while doing a painting project. The best thing to do is take precautionary measure to preserve the carpet.

It’s easier to paint when all the furniture is removed from the room. If some furniture can’t be removed it is necessary to cover the pieces up. Plastic sheets or drop cloths should work well. Secure these in place around the furniture with painting tape.

The most basic protective measure is to use a plastic sheet or drop cloth to cover the carpeted area. Any paint droplets will reach the barrier and not your carpet. When possible place newspaper under the baseboard at the edges of your rug. These areas are tricky and tend to get accidental paint dabs from brushes.

An alternative material that can be used is painting tape. However, when the paint is dry the tape could accidentally remove the paint. Therefore remove the painting tape carefully or use newspaper instead.

Use newspapers under painting material such as paint buckets, trays and cans. This creates a mat and will soak excess paint that drips from material.

If paint does reach your rug there are a few measures to take. Paint should be blotted with a dry paper towel. Excess pressure will make the paint soak into the rug fibers. Allow the paint to dry. To avoid damage to your carpet seek out a professional carpet cleaning company. They will assess the paint stain and use the best method to get out the stain.

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