Friday, 27 January 2017

Cleaning fragile rugs

Rugs can become fragile with age over a long period of time. They may have also become susceptible to wear and tear or exposure. The rug may become brittle, be crumbling or powdering in some areas. These rugs need special care to maintain them and full immersion may damage them.

There are several methods available but it depends on how fragile the rug actually is and the materials it is constructed from. The first method is to place the rug between two screen structures. Once the rug is placed, the screen frames are held together. The unit is them immersed in water with cleaning detergent. The unit is gently agitated in the water, the taken out and dried flat between the screens.

Surface cleaning is another method. Essentially, this method is done by sponging the rug gently with cleaning solution. The rug is also rinsed using the same method. This picks up the dirt but doesn’t provide a deep clean. The rug is then dried flat.

Professional steam cleaning can be used to treat small areas or particular stains. However, this depends on the materials of the rug. Thin rugs can’t be handled with this cleaning method and should be sent to a reputable rug cleaning company.

To avoid rugs wearing and tearing over time, wash your rugs annually. This is the main step in protecting and preserving your rug.  Storing rugs at proper temperatures and with proper covering will also prevent any damage to rug fiber.

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