Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Protecting your basement carpet

The carpet in your basement often gets forgotten when it comes to regular cleaning. Carpets in this area need careful attention and maintenance throughout the year. Basement areas tend to attract dampness and possible pests. Specific maintenance measures need to be taken to keep your carpet in good condition.

Since the basement attracts dampness it’s a good idea to control climate conditions with a dehumidifier. This machine will take out excess moisture in the room and hinder mould and fungus growth. Periodically check the dehumidifier for leaks so that the moisture doesn’t affect the carpet.

Flooding is definitely possible hazard when it comes to basement carpets. After the source of flooding is stopped and the water has been cleaned, the basement carpet needs careful attention. The carpet needs the water extracted from the pile and the under pad. The severity of the damage determines if the carpet or under pad needs to be replaced.

Wall to wall carpets need to be cleaned annually with steam cleaning. There are expert steam cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction while cleaning carpets. Professional steam cleaning ensures that minimal moisture is left in your carpet.

Part of carpet steam cleaning is vacuuming up water from the carpet. This ensures that minimal moisture is left in the carpet and that it dries fast and efficiently. This is the first step in preventing mould growth. A quick drying time allows you to get back to enjoying your carpet sooner.

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