Sunday, 29 January 2017

Entrance Rugs

Placing a rug at your entrance can greatly benefit your home or business. Entrance rugs guard against stains and dirt from heavy weather. These rugs prevent and limit dirt from reaching the other areas of the house or business. This helps keep the area clean and limits the amounts of cleaning that needs to be done.

In dry weather brings potential dirt or dust to your entrance. An entrance rug will trap most of the dirt from shoes. Rainy weather brings water and mud that needs to be absorbed by rug pile to prevent a mess elsewhere. Snowy cold weather brings wetness as well as sand and salt on shoes from outside.

You need entrance rugs with proper material. A popular entrance rug is usually has a rubber base and water resistant short pile. The short pile prevents too much dirt from settling and keeps the moisture in one location. These mats prevent slippery surfaces during wet weather. However, if there is a lot of foot traffic the rug pile can become soaked and it becomes ineffective in mess prevention.

Synthetic rugs are also a great material for being placed at entrances. They have common features of rubber based entrance mats. They trap dirt and prevent it from entering the rest of the dwelling. They also come in many styles and designs.

Entrance rugs need to be vacuumed up to four times a week. They receive a lot of foot traffic and thus accumulate more dirt. Steam cleaning and other rug cleaning services are available in Toronto and the GTA. Entrance rugs need more time to thoroughly remove dirt that has settled into the rug.    

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