Friday, 27 January 2017

Ways to test if your carpets are dirty

It’s not always evident that your carpet is dirty. Sometimes you even forget the last time you got the carpet cleaned. There are also a few methods to checking if your rug is dirty. Once you have checked your carpet, there are numerous professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto to choose from.

are more obvious than lighter ones but they both leave dirty patches on the carpet. As well as looking for stains check to see if there is discolouration or shaded areas. Colouring should be uniform throughout your carpet.

The next thing to check is to see to touch the rug. You can do this with a white paper towel or just your hands. Lightly rub a section and see if the area feels greasy or filmy. On the paper towel check to see if the towel becomes shady or discoloured. These tests indicate that there is dirt that isn’t readily visible in your carpet.

The carpet should be checked for smells. The best method is to crouch near the carpet and see if there is any smells. If there is a hint of a smell it could indicate mould, bacteria or dust mites. Proper cleaning will leave your carpet scentless. There are Toronto carpet cleaning services available to have your carpet cleaned to perfection. They will get rid of the unwanted dirt and will maintain the integrity of your carpets. Always remember to have your carpets cleaned annually to benefit your health and your environment.

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