Thursday, 16 February 2017

Carpet cleaning options for your stairway

It is important to clean your stairway carpets for several important reasons. The stairway receives a lot of foot traffic and thus will accumulate more dirt overtime than any other location. It is also one of the first things guests will see and a dirty unkempt carpet makes a bad impression. There are a few options for cleaning this carpet.

Carpet cleaning depends primarily on how your carpet was installed in the stairway. If the carpet is removable it may be more cost effective to send it out to a carpet cleaning plant. This option won’t limit the stairway passage when the carpet needs to dry.

If the carpet is permanently secured into place with staples or stair rods then steam cleaning is your best options. Carpet steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean your carpet. The process lifts and removes dirt that is trapped at the base of the carpet.

The steam cleaning process essentially uses two hoses on it machinery. The first hose sprays pressurized hot water and cleaning solution onto your carpet. A second hose vacuums up dirty water and ensures that limited moisture is left in the carpet.

Carpet pile is then set in its original direction to allow the carpet to dry efficiently. Carpet dry within a few hours and are ready for use. There are several Toronto steam cleaning services for carpets. Steam cleaning is a fast and efficient carpet cleaning service. Carefully select a reputable steam cleaning service for your carpet cleaning needs.

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