Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Steam Cleaning Applications

If you’ve heard of steam cleaning you’re probably only aware of its rug cleaning process. However, the steam cleaning process can be applied to much more. Steam cleaning uses an advanced deep cleaning method quite different for regular processes.

Steam cleaning essentially uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean. Professional steam cleaning equipment differs from store bought rental equipment by several key factors. The differences determine the quality of steam cleaning.

Professional steam cleaning equipment achieves and maintains water at its boiling point of 100 degrees. Store equipment can’t achieve these high temperatures. Professional steam cleaning also uses optimal pressurized water to lift and remove dirt from the base of the rug. Rental equipment can’t quite achieve the optimal water pressure.

In addition to the wet cleaning process professional equipment also ensures that the material being cleaned isn’t soaked. Professional steam cleaning has a powerful vacuum hose to remove dirty water. This allows the material to dry fast and efficiently as it leaves minimal moisture.

Regular steam cleaning equipment may not even have the vacuum hose with its machinery. As a result your furniture and rugs may get soaked. This causes unwanted damage that can cause bleeding and fading. In addition, it can attract unwanted pests such as mould, fungus and bacteria.

Steam cleaning can be applied to carpets, mattresses, couches, sofas, drapery, tiles and much more. It’s ideal for cleaning your home and office locations. Toronto steam cleaners ensure that you receive the best cleaning job possible.

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