Sunday, 5 February 2017

How to tell if your carpet is dirty

With so much going on in our daily lives we often forget about the last time the carpet got cleaned. If your wondering this while reading this it is likely that you need to have your carpets cleaned. There are simple signs to look for if you’re not sure.

View your carpet in good lighting. Scan sections of the carpet to see if there is a difference in shading. The difference can be because of dirt that has built up overtime. This dirt is now masking the original carpet colours.

Check for highly visible stains on your carpet. Stains happen over time and can attract pests. Some diluted carpet stains are less visible and you need to watch for these as well.

Crunch down by the carpet and try to see if there are any smells or odors. Strange smells usually indicate the presence of bacteria in your carpet. Smells can also indicate mould or fungus in your carpet.

Pat a section  of your carpet and note if there are any rising particles. Even with a weekly vacuuming routine dust and dirt can still settle into your carpet. These are all signs that your carpet needs cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is available in Toronto and the GTA. Proper thorough  cleaning for your carpet starts with steam cleaning. This cleaning method uses pressurized hot water extraction to lift out dirt from the base of your carpet.

Steam cleaning doesn’t soak your carpet. The process leaves minimal water in carpet material. This allows the carpet to dry fast and efficiently. Drying takes a few hours and then you can get back to enjoying your carpet.

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