Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Upholstery and your pet

Many of the furniture items in your home are upholstered. This includes sofas, couches, chairs and mattresses just to name a few. You and your pets will spend much of your time in these areas. Overtime it’s inevitable that your upholstered furniture will accumulate dirt.

You may not notice that your furniture has gotten dirty. Pets also bring additional dirt and hair to the furniture. There are a few signs to look for when considering if you need to clean the upholstery. First look for obvious spots and stains on the furniture.

View your furniture in good lighting and look for shaded or discoloured sections. Next go near the upholstered item and note if there are any smells or odors. These odors can occur from bacteria, fungus or just dirt in general.  

Now that you’ve decided to clean your furniture it’s time to get the upholstery steam cleaned. This cleaning method is great for getting a deep and thorough clean for your furniture. Steam cleaning is eco-friendly and doesn’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning. This is helpful to the environment and beneficial to your health and your pet’s health.

Toronto steam cleaning services can take care of all your upholstery cleaning needs. The process uses pressurized hot water extraction to remove most of the dirt trapped in the upholstery. Steam cleaning also lifts and removed pet fur that has settled into the upholstery material. Your furniture will be noticeably cleaner looking and the air in the air will be fresher.

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