Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Fighting winter static with your carpets

Winter brings cold and often dry weather. This makes it ideal for static electricity to be generated in your rugs and carpets. Static electricity can happen to almost every carpet. Although harmless, static electricity is a big annoyance that can be manageable with a few simple steps.

A humidifier can almost always fix your static problem. This generates ions in the air and can neutralize the electrons in your carpet. You can buy a humidifier or simply hang wet towels at the back of a door to neutralize the ions. Too much humidity can cause water to enter rug material so it needs to be monitored.

Static solutions can also be caused by indoor heating and dryers. Indoor heating blows dry warm air into your home or office. In a rug or carpet is placed under a heating vent it will dry out the pile material and can make it become brittle.  Rugs or carpets near dryers can also have the same impact. It is a good idea to limit exposure to these sources that will dry out your rugs and carpets.

Having your rugs and carpets cleaned can fix your static problem. The cleaning process will revive the pile material and rehydrate the sections that have dried out. The cleaning solution can also provide conditioning to protect the rug material.

Your rugs and carpets should be cleaned once a year by a professional rug cleaner in Toronto. For wall to wall carpets that can’t be removed steam cleaning is available to assist you. Steam cleaning will thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs and remove the static charge they might have.

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