Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Cottage Life and your rug

Adding rugs to your cottage environment can bring in warm vibes. Great places to put rugs include: fireplace, entrances, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. Not only does it feel nice on the feet but it can also add style and dampen noise.

The downside is that cottages tend to be used mainly in the summer. Since the space isn’t used as often dirt can accumulate because there isn’t a weekly cleaning schedule. Many people forget to even clean their rugs annually. As a result rugs get dirty and can catch mould and pests. Your rugs need careful consideration.

The first step is choosing the right rugs. Small rugs are generally best because they can be transported for cleaning and can be cleaned more easily. Synthetic fabric is also a good choice as it is won’t trap much dirt and can also be cleaned easily. Braided rugs are popular choices because they add a home style and comfort to the cottage.

for cleaning and storing your rugs. In any event your rugs should be cleaned by steam carpet cleaning or sending them to a cleaning plant. Once that is done it is suggested that you store your rugs in a cool dry place.

For best results rug covers can be used to prevent dust mite accumulation and prevent pests from destroying your rugs. Cleaning should be done seasonally preferably at the end of summer. Happy cottage going.

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