Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Eco-cleaning for your rugs

There are many benefits to use eco-cleaning for your rugs. This service is readily available from professional carpet cleaning companies. Eco-cleaning can be done with both steam cleaning and sending your rugs out to cleaning plants.

The main reason to eco-clean your rugs is that it is environment friendly. It doesn’t leave pollutants that will be absorbed into the co system and cause harmful effects. The natural cleaning solutions use unaltered natural ingredients versus harsh chemical detergents. With that eco friendly cleaning solutions can’t be store for long periods because they have a shorter shelf life.

There are health benefits to eco-cleaning. After cleaning your rugs there are no harsh chemicals left in our environment. This will prevent allergens and asthma triggers. It is also beneficial to school environments and day cares. This way you can enjoy your rug without worrying about harmful chemicals from cleaning solutions.

The other evident benefit from using eco cleaning is that it will preserve the integrity of your rug. Your rug will be cleaned efficiently and there will be less wearing on rug fibers. In addition, rug cleaning plants use soft water for cleaning. This water has had all the harmful chemicals that are included in tap water removed to better clean your rug.

Eco-cleaning your rug will also prevent possible discolouration of rug fibers. This includes burning, bleeding and fading of the carpet dyes. In addition, because of the natural ingredients, eco-friendly cleaning leaves your rug smelling nice and fresh.

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