Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The art of making braided rugs

So you’re looking to making a braided rug. It could be your first or something in the double digits. With each rug there are a few design aspects to consider before making your braided rug. This will allow enjoyment if you properly consider a few basic steps.

First off you have to consider the function of the room the rug will occupy. The area determines how big your rug will be. It’s a good idea to measure the area before beginning. This way you will have a certain size in mind and can measure as your progress.

The next thing to consider is colours. This is again determined by the function of the room. If the rug is placed in a kitchen or entry way it’s suggested that you use darker tones. This way dirt won’t be as obvious and ghastly stains from food or mud aren’t readily visible.  Pastels and other light colours are suggested for areas with lower foot traffic.

The style or design aspect is up to you. Some people want the colours to be neutral and blend in with the space. Other people want contrast or to create a livelier mood in a dim room. There are many ways to consider it but it is up to the rug maker to make the final choice.

Another thing to consider is rug maintenance. Braided rugs should be cleaned annually. With that there are many eco-friendly and professional rug cleaning services available. Steam cleaning is suggested  to give your rug a deep clean.

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