Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Furniture care

The furniture in your living environment is a strong component of your home. Furniture will always serve a functional daily use and it is important that you care for it properly. Upholstery on furniture is difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods. These old cleaning methods can only clean the surface area of the upholstery or end up soaking your furniture.

Soak furniture can attract mold and fungus which is bad for your health. It also takes longer to dry and you will be unable to use it. Steam cleaning your upholstery is a great cleaning option for your furniture.

Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot boiling water to clean your upholstery. The pressurized water and cleaning solution will remove dirt that is trapped deep at the base of the upholstery. A second hose will vacuum up the dirty water. This leaves minimal water in the furniture so that it will dry faster.

There are professional steam cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. Steam cleaning can be applied to different house cleaning jobs such as rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, mattresses, tile and grout, drapery and much more.

Toronto upholstery cleaning businesses often have flexible hours to fit your busy schedule. Eco-friendly cleaning packages and allergy treatment is available with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is a great way to renew your rugs and furniture.

After cleaning your rugs and furniture will look and smell clean and the colours will be brighter. The brilliance comes from removing the layer of dirt that have darkened the original colours of your rugs or furniture. Try steam cleaning today.

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