Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Humidity and your carpet

It’s important to maintain the air quality of your home or office environment. The air quality can greatly affect your rugs and carpets in a number of ways. The main factors to consider are ventilation, airborne particles and moisture content.

but it can range from anything from dust to spores to viruses.  If the room you have your carpets in has poor ventilation, these foreign particles are likely to settle in your carpet.

Proper air ventilation can prevent the foreign particles from landing in your carpet. In locations with poor ventilation you should invest in an air filter. This will take care of the foreign particles before they can land.

Another important factor is to consider the humidity of the air. Too much humidity can promote the growth of moulds and bacteria in your rug. This most often occurs during the summer and to carpets located in basement areas. Wet weather often causes an increase of humidity.

You also don’t want to have low humidity conditions. In this situation the carpet fibers can become dry and brittle. Often static electricity is also generated. Getting a humidifier can help balance the humidity conditions of the room.

Steam cleaning can help renew the carpet material and prevent unwanted damages. There are several Toronto steam cleaning services available for all your carpet cleaning needs. Steam cleaning uses eco-friendly pH balanced cleaning solutions that will renew the carpet pile. Steam cleaning will protect it against changes in humidity as well.

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