Wednesday, 31 May 2017

5 Ingredients You can use for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

If you are phasing out chemical cleaning solutions, you should inform yourself about eco-friendly cleaning ingredients. Most are inexpensive and you can find in the grocery store. These essential ingredients will get your house cleaning done fast and safely.

Baking soda is great for deodorizing different areas of your home. It can absorb smells from the refrigerator and stoves. It can also be used to scrub grimes out of bath tubs, sinks and other surfaces. It can also be used to deodorize and clean carpets and mattresses.

Vinegar is primarily used to shine surfaces. It will help remove residue from water stains and prevent streaks. Shiny surfaces such as glass and stainless still benefit from using vinegar on them after regular cleaning. Vinegar can also be used to disinfect most areas and can be combined with baking soda while cleaning.

Lemons you can buy whole or you can by the juice sold in most supermarkets. It all depends on how fresh you want your cleaning ingredients to be and how big the cleaning job is. For smaller jobs packaged lemon juice is suggested. For larger jobs fresh lemon slices are suggested the rind helps scrub and disinfect. This cleaning ingredient can also be combined with baking soda.

Coarse salt can be used to help scrubs surfaces. This item should be used sparingly because it can leave residue if the area isn’t rinsed properly. Salt also helps disinfect surfaces and prevent pests such as mould and bacteria.

Essential oils have several eco-friendly cleaning applications. Lavender can be used to disinfect   carpets and mattresses. Pine oil can be used to prevent pests such as moths and ants from cupboards. Olive oil is suggested to oil furniture and kitchen utensils.

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