Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Study show that annual carpet cleaning will extend its lifetime

Carpets are a great item to have in your home, business or office. They dampen noise and are easy to maintain. Carpets come in a variety of styles and materials and can be used for decorative purposes. Aside for weekly vacuuming your carpet needs to be cleaned with steam cleaning to give it a deep clean.

Vacuuming carpet removes dirt and debris from the material but it can’t remove everything. Stains and dirt residue clean to the carpet fibers and it can only be removed with proper carpet cleaning. There are maintenance options such as dry cleaning and foam cleaning. However professional carpet cleaning will provide the deepest cleaning possible.

Carpet cleaning does more than just remove dirt. It helps nourish and protect the carpet fibers as well. It prevents breakage and stops the pile from flattening irreversibly. Carpet cleaning renews the colours of the carpet to keep the carpet looking beautiful.

Study show that carpets receiving deep cleaning once a year wear better than carpets that don’t receive this treatment. Proper carpet cleaning prevents pest such as silver fish, dust mites and mould from entering your carpet. As a result the fibers aren’t affected by these pests and maintain their integrity.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. We use powerful carpet cleaning equipment with our truck mounted steam cleaning unit and professional portable steam cleaning machinery. Vivid Cleaning handles all your carpet cleaning needs. Call us today for a free consultation and to book a cleaning appointment.

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