Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Carpet Pile Reversal Causes and Prevention

Carpet pile reversal is a common occurrence for carpets of all types. This is essentially an optical illusion caused by pile fibers flattening in different directions. The bent fibers reflect or absorb light unevenly and give the carpet the appearance of having water puddles. Pile reversal is also known as pooling or watermarking.   

The first signs of pile reversal on carpet are usually only seen after carpet cleaning. After the cleaning the carpet will have a noticeable difference in pattern. This is due to flattening of the carpet pile from frequent foot traffic or furniture.

Sadly pile reversal is a carpet defect that isn’t quite understood. However, there is speculation that it’s caused by several factors such as floor temperature, humidity, air flow and static electricity. It can also be due to improper installation but there is no conclusive evidence to its underlying cause.

In most cases the pile can’t be treated and it’s best to try preventative measures. This includes having the correct under pad beneath the carpet. Shock absorbing under pad offsets mechanical stress caused by frequent foot traffic. Regular vacuuming cleans and also prevents the carpet fiber from flattening in one direction.

Cleaning the carpet is important and should be done once a year. This carpet cleaning gives carpet a deep cleaning and removes dirt and residue from carpet pile. The pile doesn’t stick together or get matted down. The carpet cleaning process also straightens pile in their proper direction. Get Toronto carpet cleaning services today. 

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