Sunday, 14 May 2017

Professional rug cleaning Matters

When it comes to rug cleaning you may be tempted to do the job yourself. However, you may end up accidentally damaging your rug and only cleaning the surface. The cleaning quality of store bought machines is incomparable to professional rug cleaning. 

Portable rug cleaning equipment ends up mostly soaking your rug. As a result, rug dye can bleed and ruin the design. This can cause some areas to fade as well. The more damaging part is that the rug can’t dry fast and it can attract pests such as mould and bacteria. The rug doesn’t receive a deep cleaning either and most dirt is still in it.

Professionalrug cleaning experts have careful cleaning methods. Vivid Cleaning uses pH balanced cleaning solutions and softened water. The rug is then rinsed in a wringer machines. This machine deep cleans the material and gently wrings out excess water.

Rugs cleaned with the wringer are carefully placed so that their pile is in the right direction. This prevents excessive mechanical stress and helps maintain the rug pile. Store bought machines are too harsh and can end up thinning sections of your rugs.

Vivid Cleaning has over ten years of cleaning rugs in Toronto and the GTA. Our methods ensure that your rugs get the best cleaning possible. Our rugcleaning facility allows you to see the cleaning process for yourself. Our rug cleaning experts will be able to answer all your rug cleaning questions. Get your rugs professionally cleaned today. 

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