Monday, 8 May 2017

Rug cleaning when you have pets

Cleaning after your pets involves pet dander, fur and the occasional accident. When bodily fluids are involved you should really have your rug cleaned by a professional rug cleaning business. There are many Toronto based rug cleaning services available to help.

If you treat the pet stains on your rug you may run into a few inconveniences. Firstly, the stain could become permanent due to the presence of urea and ammonia. The next concern is bacteria involved in the stain. Store bought products and rental machinery may not be enough to disinfect the stain. You may only end up just wetting the stain and providing an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

In addition to this, the rug may start to smell. Rental equipment often doesn’t have an adequate vacuum component. This can leave your rug over soaked and vulnerable to bacteria growth. Additionally, over soaking the rug may cause the rug dye to bleed and damage its design.      

All these risks can be avoided by leaving your rug cleaning to the professionals. Toronto rug cleaners are experienced with pet stain related rug cleaning. First your rug will be assessed for stains and other areas of interests. Rug cleaning experts will be able to answer all your rug cleaning questions.

Toronto rug cleaners have pickup and delivery services available. This can assist you and your busy schedule. If you have the time to spare it may be worth checking out the top of the line rug cleaning facility. Get your rugs cleaned today. 

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