Thursday, 25 May 2017

5 Ways to Tell if your Carpet is Dirty

Carpets need care and maintenance to properly enjoy them in our home, business or office. However, it is sometimes hard to tell if your carpet is dirty for a variety of reasons. There are simple ways to tell and decide if you want to get the carpets cleaned.

Scan your carpet for shading or discolouration. Start with one section and scan for things like stains as well. Dark stains are easy to spot but water related stains aren’t as noticeable. Areas that receive a lot of foot traffic such as entrances and hallways are especially prone to shading.

It your carpet doesn’t show obvious stains or dirt it can still have a smell. Crouch down and try to notice if there are any obvious smells from dust, food or mould. Restaurants that have carpets are prone to food related pests due to contact with food.

Dirt can change the texture of the carpet. For instance there can be sticky or slippery spots of the carpet due to dirt and foot. There can be residue from items such as chewing gum, sugary drinks and general dirt residue. These can change the carpet texture.

Carpets can have sections of flattened pile. This occurs in areas with a lot of foot traffic. The carpet pile picks up dirt residue and the fibers can stick together. If this isn’t managed the pile can flattened permanently in one direction or be prone to breakage.

You can do a residue test on the carpet. Simply take a paper towel and rub it on a section of the carpet. If it comes up filmy or shady, the carpet requires cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Book an cleaning appointment with us today.

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