Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Best Way To Clean up Plant soil messes from Carpet

Whether a plant pot tipped over or your pet tracked in dirty paw prints you have to clean up the mess properly. You also have to consider if the soil mess is dry or wet. The overall state of your carpet should be noted as well.

Dry plant soil messes would be the easiest to clean. This can be cleaned by vacuuming the carpet and using an extension wand to reach difficult areas. For wet soil messes extras measures need to be taken. The clean up also depends on the amount of soil and how much of it is on the carpet.

Wet soil messes can occur after you’ve just watered a plant and the plant pot accidentally falls. It can also be from your pet trekking in form outside with wet dirty paws. For small messes use paper towel to gather up the soil and absorb the moisture. Next with a clean damp cloth go over the stained areas. Light stains at the surface of the carpet should come out easily.

For larger wet soil stains clean up what you can with paper towels. It’s not recommended that you clean the carpet yourself since you can accidentally spread the stain. You can also end up soaking the carpet and ending up with other complications.

Professional carpet cleaning will get the soils stains out. We offer carpet cleaning services that can assist you in Toronto and GTA. For carpet cleaning you can choose to focus on specific spots or give your carpet annual cleaning. Our services are available for emergency cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. 

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