Thursday, 11 May 2017

Effectively Cleaning Your Desk Area

We spend ample amounts of time at our computers and work desks every day. Occasionally we eat while working and can also end up doing other activities at our work desks. This makes it important to periodically give your desk area a proper cleaning.

 You can use disinfecting wipes to sanitize a number of desk items. The mouse and keyboard are prime items that get touched on a daily basis and need disinfecting. The desk surface can be wiped as well but all items should be removed from it first.

The key board can be turned over and placed on paper towel. Gently tap it to remove crumbs and dirt that have gotten trapped within it. Your monitor should be dust and if necessary cleaned with a damp cloth. It’s recommended that you dry the monitor to prevent any droplets and streaks.

You can also use disinfecting wipe to clean desk drawer handles and your desk chair. The arms and seat of the chair should also be wiped down. For tight areas of the seat use a vacuum to remove the crumbs and dirt.    

The floor surrounding the desk should also be cleaned. Vacuuming the rug or carpet should be enough to remove dust and dirt. Carefully clean underneath the desk and use a wand extension to vacuum the edges of the desk.

These desk cleaning steps help properly clean your work area. Dusting and vacuuming also prevents allergies and irritations. If you’re too busy to clean there are excellent Toronto cleaning services available. Cleaners can come at the time they needed and you can specify what you need cleaned. 

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