Monday, 8 May 2017

What goes into the quality of professional carpet cleaning?

When you need to get your carpets cleaned you may consider several methods to try to get the job done yourself. However machines bought in store lack important features when it comes to proper carpet cleaning. Getting your carpets cleaned with a professional cleaning service makes a difference in quality.

Carpet cleaning cleans carpets using pressurized hot water extraction. There are important key differences between professional carpet cleaning equipment and store bought machines. Firstly, water temperature with store machines is limited to the temperature of tap water. They don’t have an external function to heat water to its boiling point.

With store machinery the water pressure isn’t adjustable. As a result the equipment can’t light out dirt from deep within the carpet. Delicate carpets made of silk or older material require different water pressure settings to avoid damaging the carpet.

Most store bought equipment doesn’t have a good water extraction function. This is a vital component to professional carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning equipment will leave your carpets soaked. This can attract pests such as mould and causes other damage to the carpet. This makes it worth investing in professional carpet cleaning services.

Vivid cleaning offers quality carpet cleaning services for Toronto and the GTA. Professional carpet cleaning is handled by carpet cleaning experts. With years of experience your carpet cleaning needs will be handled with care and efficiency. Vivid cleaning also provides carpet cleaning for other household items such as mattresses and upholstery.   

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