Thursday, 25 May 2017

How to effectively manage drink spills on couch upholstery

We usually end up eating and drinking in our living rooms and accidents happen. Some drink spills can cause lasting damage. If spills aren’t handled right away, the liquid can penetrate deep within cushions and other fabric. It can also cause other problems such as attracting mould.

There are simple ways to manage drink spills as soon as they happen. First place some paper towels on a table. Take the cushion and turn it on its side over the paper towels. Let the liquid run off the cushion. Taking off the excess liquid will prevent it from penetrating further into the material.

The cushion should be stream cleaned to remove the drink liquid. Using a damp cloth will only clean the surface of the cushion and can cause the stain to spread. Steam cleaning is the only way to penetrate the couch material and remove the drink spill. Other methods won’t fully clean and the food smell will be present.

You may want to consider having your whole couch cleaned. If you can’t remember the last couch washing you may want to get it while the stain is being managed. Toronto couch cleaning services are available for all your couch cleaning needs.

Our Toronto sofa cleaning services have flexible hours to suit your busy schedule. The sofa cleaning will be done fast and efficiently. Your couch will be usable within a few hours after it has been cleaned. Schedule a couch, sofa or armchair cleaning today with Vivid Cleaning.  

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