Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wine Stains and your carpet

Getting wine stain on your carpet can be hard to deal with. Wine has been used as a dyeing agent for hundreds of years and stains carpets badly. With lighter toned carpets the stain is more prominent and harder to get rid of. Wine stain removal depends on several factors.

The main problem with wine stains is that they are wicking stains. This means that the stain can potentially come back even after cleaning. Stain removal depends on the quantity of wine that was spilled, how fresh the stain is and the carpet material.

When the wine stain occurs it should be dabbed with dry paper towel along the edges. This removes some of the excess and limits the stained area. Other liquid agents shouldn’t be used as they could spread the stain and even make it permanent.

After attempted removal with professional carpet cleaning services the stain could potentially come back. It depends how deep the stain reached into the material. When the carpet becomes wet the wine dye will leach out once more from the carpet. The stain will then reappear.

Scotch-guarding your carpet can help protect the material from stains. It prevents the wicking agent from seeping deep into the carpet and becoming permanent. Toronto has carpet cleaning services to assist with your carpet cleaning needs.

Toronto steam cleaning experts will start by assessing the stains and all areas of the carpet. Our experts will be able to answer all your carpet cleaning questions as well. Schedule your carpet cleaning appointment with us today.        

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