Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to Expertly Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks come in contact with a lot of food and other dirt. Since food preparation and dish cleaning is done in the kitchen it makes sense to clean it well. A dirty kitchen sink can allow for mould and bacteria growth and can cause serious health issues. There are simple steps to give your sink a deep cleaning.

You will need vinegar, baking soda, paper towels and S.O.S steel wool pads. The latter can be substituted with a scrubbing pad and Vim. Most dish sponges have a side that has the scrubbing pad on them.

First you should wet the sink with water and use the S.O.S pads to scrub the sink and faucets. This lifts most dirt particles from the sink. Apply baking soda and scrub the sink area. This step helps deodorize and lightly scrubs the sink surface.  

Rinse the sink until the baking soda and S.O.S powder is gone. Now take a paper towel and apply vinegar to it. Use this cloth to wipe down the sink with vinegar. This step shines the sink and removes any remaining residue or film. This way no streaks or water marks will be seen after the sink dries.

This cleaning method is recommended for periodic deep cleaning. You can use regular cleaning for your usual house work routine or if you strapped for time. There are Toronto house cleaning services that can also assist you. Our house cleaning services can provide eco-friendly house cleaning upon request.  

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