Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pets and your rugs –Seasonal changes

Having a pet means extra care needs to go into maintain your rugs. With the weather warming up your pet will be shedding its winter coat and the fur will be flying around. This fur will be settling into your rugs and it’s important to know how to manage it.

Fur tends to get all fabric materials such as clothes and couches. In rug, the fur becomes tangled in the rug fibers. Vacuuming your rugs two to three times a week can help manage this mess. The brush roll setting on your vacuum is especially useful for removing fur from the rug fibers.

Aside from fur, pet dander is another common particle that settles into your rugs. Dirt from muddy paws is also a common source for dirt contaminants for your rug.  Vacuuming your rug is only one part of rug maintenance and it can’t remove everything. This is why it is important to send your rugs out to a professional rug cleaner once a year.

Toronto rug cleaners are able to handle all your rug cleaning needs. Professional rug cleaners know how to remove pet fur and other dirt from your rug. The rug cleaning process provides a deep cleaning without damages to your rugs.

Toronto rug cleaning services offer a variety of services for rug cleaning. Rug pickup and delivery services are available and are helpful when you can’t move the rugs yourself. The rug transport services also help if you have a busy schedule. Get Toronto rug cleaning services today and experience the quality rug cleaning.

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