Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to Inspect Your Mattress For Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are a common problem for apartment building. This parasite comes out at night and feeds on hosts and can go undetected for months. To protect yourself and your pets it’s important to look for signs of bedbugs and routinely inspect your mattress and furniture.

The first signs show up on your bed and you may notice them when you do laundry. Check for spots of blood at the head and feet of your mattress. This can indicate the presence of these pests. Also look for small dark spots which can be caused by their waste. Sometimes you can find bugs on bed items when you do the laundry.

Inspect the mattress and the bed frame carefully. Bedbugs can fit in spaces that are the width of a credit card. They generally prefer wood and fabric materials to nest in as well. Placing bed bug detection traps can give you early detections of these bugs.

If you find any bugs in the house place them in a jar for reference. If you suspect any clothing or other items of having bed bugs they should be washed using hot water. If they can’t be washed, place them in a container. They can’t climb out of smooth surfaces.

Have your mattress cleaned and inspected once a year. Steam cleaning your mattress takes time and attention to detail. If they notice anything they can alert you to the problem when your mattress is being cleaned.

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