Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Studies Show that Packaged Lemon Juice cleans better than Fresh Lemons

Lemons are about of regular cleaning as well as eco-friendly cleaning. Citrus fruits help break down dirt and are anti-bacterial. They are also easy to combine with other simple ingredients like baking soda. However, its been shown that packaged lemon juice is better to use for cleaning than fresh cut lemons.

Fresh cut lemons can be used for cleaning but they come with some inconveniences. Firstly, they have a short shelf life and can’t be stored for long. They can also leave sticky residue after cleaning items such as the sink. The lemon rind and extra fiber in particular causes this inconvenience.

Fresh lemons aren’t as concentrated packaged lemon juice. This difference in pH can affect how well cleaning is done. Using a whole lemon can be beneficial because the lemon rind can provide additional scrubbing power. However, if you want to use just lemon juice you have to separate the juice from the rest of the lemon. Filtration needs to be done carefully as well.

Package lemon juice comes in good sized quantities and has a longer shelf life than fresh lemons. You can use the quantity you need and store the rest in the refrigerator. This juice tends to be more concentrated and increases a bit in acidity as it ages. This lemon juice comes ready to be used.

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