Wednesday, 24 May 2017

5 Office Carpet Colours To Boost Productivity

Carpets are an essential part of an office environment. Not only do carpets dampen sound, they also bring all the office furniture together. Before installing a carpet in the office you should consider what psychological effects different carpet colours have.

Most offices use conservative colours for the office floor. Generally they use blues and greens as these colours how less dirt. Blue and green carpets can help you focus on work because they are calm and tranquil. Green is also refreshing if it’s bright and it can allow you to keep a steady focus on work.

Red is eccentric and can boost energy and creativity. Red carpets can prevent boredom and renew work ethic in the office. This colour elevates mood and blood pressure so you can optimize work performance as soon as you get into the office.

Brown carpet is great if you want to generate warmth and comfort for the workplace. This colour remind people of home and also of trees. You can use brown carpets in combination with wood furniture items such as office chairs and conference tables. It can help visitors and guests feel at ease and at home when they visit the office space.

Yellow and orange carpets aren’t common office carpets and should be used with caution. These colours promote creativity and creative thought but they can be bright. Dirt on yellow and orange carpets shows up fast and is easily noticed. White carpet is rarely seen in offices as well because of the same cleaning problem.

Black carpets can increase focus but it needs to be combined with other bright colours to keep it from being gloomy. Black carpet is also conservative and gives off a serious vibe which helps work ethic. Regardless of colour your office carpet needs to be cleaned once a year.

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